My first comics

Posted by Dmitriy Nezhivov
When I had known that there would be art contest “Create your comics” during the first Kyiv Comic Con I immediately started working on it. I had only several days till the deadline!

Diversido in PlayUA Podcast

Posted by Tanya Kobzar
PlayUA podcast about ‪indie game development‬. Special guests - Diversido Mobile team

Billabong game for Indie48

Posted by Valeriy Minenko
Last weekend we participated in the game-dev hackathon Indie 48. Diversido Mobile delegated to it 2 separate teams - Diversido and Renegades - and both of them took some prizes!

Joe vs. Crocodiles

Posted by Anton Kryvenko
The rules were as follows: team of three people create a game in 48 hours from scratch, without usage of any third-party assets. Game must fit three keywords that are announced when the timer starts.

We won Indie|48 Game Development Contest!

Posted by Tanya Kobzar
Two our teams Diversido and Renegades took 1st and 2nd places and multiple awards in Indie 48 Game Development Contest

Making of Dungeon Creatures Treasury

Posted by Anton Kryvenko
First chapter from series of articles about our new game production. It'll be more of a research project about the pursuit of perfect game play.

Shipwrecked Shambles and Usability Marathon

Posted by Valeriy Minenko
It is always important for developer to have as much feedback about its project as possible, especially if it was given by software development professionals...

Long time no see!

Posted by Tanya Kobzar
That was intense summer and autumn, a lot of changes in the company's life, all to the better - new colleagues, new clients, new projects.

Redhot Tracker for Dota 2 is finally on AppStore!

Posted by Tanya Kobzar
Finally, our new application for tracking Dota 2 tournaments is available on App Store. We did it! Thank you guys, who helped us on the way!